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Thursday, April 06, 2006


There have been a couple of editorials in today's newspapers related to the gang violence at UWI.

The Jamaica Observer: The Mindless UWI Rabble

The Jamaica Gleaner: Barbarous Bloodlust at UWI

I'd love to hear what UWI bloggers have to say about the matter, if anything. I noticed that "b" added a comment of her own to the article on this blog.

At the moment, there is an opportunity before things return to business as usual to make a difference. What would it be like if either the Prime Minister or the Governor General were to make good on some of the fine words they spoke at Portia's swearing in? After all, the Govnernor General was Principal up until a few short weeks ago. Where is the current administration of UWI in all this, and where do its leader's stand?


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