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A blog about my Move Back to Jamaica after 20+ years of living in the US. Most of the articles focus on the period from 2005-2009 when the transition was new, and at it's most challenging.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Ooops -- That Should Have Been in J$

Oops, it happened again.

A simple credit card transaction in Jamaican dollars was accidentally rendered in US$.

In this case, the second time since Moving Back to Jamaica, a vendor put through a charge of US$3600 instead of J$3600 -- at an exchange rate or 66 to 1, the mistake was a considerable one.

Here is a bit of advice for returnees (or anyone doing business here.)

1) Check the transaction dollar amount and currency before signing credit card transactions
2) If a mistake happens, call the vendor immediately and return to the vendor to have the charge reversed

In neither of the two cases in which it happened to me did I detect a malicious intent, but it is a bit frightening.


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