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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Soca Music via download

It is as if someone was listening!

In a post from December, I complained that soca music, the most seasonal music in the world, was not available for download anywhere on the internet.

I got a response from someone that basically said "soon come."

Well, soon come is here! And not a minute too early... has downloads available of just about (but not quite) all the hot songs from the season, and I just paid US$30 or so to get the latest hits, plus some old favorites that I have not heard in years.

The selection is a little skimpy, but the music is GOOD, and the service is not too, too hard to use.

Kudos to Trinihits for getting it right, and I hope that the artists benefit FULLY. No more waiting for CD's to come from Trinidad to do the illegal copying ( who, me?)


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