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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Discovering Facebook

OK now, they aren't so bad after all.

I just joined both FaceBook and MySpace this past week, without knowing exactly why I should, expect that everything I was hearing told me that it was important.

And sure enough, it is.

I have been browing around, finding friends of mine that I had no idea were into social networking.

Then, I discovered friends of theirs, some of whom I have met, and a few others I have seen here and there.

Most, I have not met, but based on the networks that I am finding, I have probably been in the same party with them at some point or the other.

I guess this makes me a recent convert to this excellent method of keeping up with people who are widely dispersed. As I play around with both services, I can see where they have both created a way of connecting that just did not exist before... this is not the replacement of one method by another.

They both have created an alter-world that I am positive will change the way people relate out here in non-cyber space.

Stay tuned... and look for me on either service if you have a moment, and have already joined. (Facebook seems to be more to my liking at the moment.)


At 8/26/2007 5:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL ... Welcome to WEB 2.0

At 8/26/2007 8:47 PM, Anonymous Jan said...

I joined myspace because of the comedy community here in sth Florida. There's a lot of sharing via myspace... of resources, workshops, events & gigs as well as feedback & support after a show. Myspace hasn't replaced in person contact, but rather, has been a great complement in building connections. Even though we're all in the same geographic area, it's played an impt role in fostering relationships and our professional growth.

It also helps that it's so effortless! :)


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