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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jamaican vs. US Prices

Comparing prices is not an easy thing to do here in Jamaica, especially as the prices I remember in Hollywood, Florida have changed as a result of several hurricanes, and huge increase in gas prices, and the effects of a housing collapse.

Two years has made a big difference.

Yet, now and again I try to make a direct comparison.

This week, I bought a box of labels for CD's, and when confronted with the J$1800 price I cussed to myself thinking that "dem was a set of tief."

Well, to my shock, the package was cheaper to get from the local store than it would be to order it in the US.

In Jamaica:
J$1569 + 15% tax = J$1827.88

From, ordering by mail but payng no sales tax:
US$20.98 + US$7.95 = $28.93

At the current exchange rate of 70:1, it is cheaper to buy the product in Jamaica.

Prices are difficult to track, because the exchange rate is always changing, and also it's easy to forget the 15% VAT.



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