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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Changing One's Support Network Over Time

This is a very simple idea -- that before coming to live in Jamaica an expat and a returnee have active networks of friends and acquaintances. 

Before coming to Jamaica, it is possible to do some kind of assessment to understand the nature of one's network.  Once it is well understood, it's not too hard to make a plan to replace that network.

The problem is that returnees and expats alike don't quite think much about their network in these terms.  Mostly, when they get the news that they are going to be living in Jamaica, they enter a honeymoon phase and start dreaming about the food, the beaches and the culture they'll be moving into.

However, they'd be well served if they were to do this kind of work, even at a rudimentary level, because the challenge of living in a new country and dealing with the cultural transition has everything to do with who on is able to depend on for emotional support.


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