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Monday, December 31, 2007

Francis' Company Roundup - December 07

Here is a short summary of what's been happening over at the Framework website and blog.

From the Framework website:

Podcast radio interview with Paul Thomas, former CEO of Lascelles Division of Lascelles de Mercado. This interview on the Breakfast Club done in 2000, speaks to some of the results he realized in a major culture change programme.

Latest issue of FirstCuts ezine (#18), entitled: Closing out 2007, describes some of the initiatives planned for next year.

FirstCuts17 as a podcast, read by me, in this my second attempt.

One Page Digest Issues 1-27: The Digest is a summary of links that are useful for Caribbean executives.

Link to Open Jobs: Warning -- at this time, most are volunteer positions!

From the Chronicles from a Caribbean Cubicle blog:

Launch of a new programme: NewHabits-NewGoals is being launched in pilot form on Jan 15-16 in Kingston. Click on this link to be taken to the page that describes the programme.



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