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A blog about my Move Back to Jamaica after 20+ years of living in the US. Most of the articles focus on the period from 2005-2009 when the transition was new, and at it's most challenging.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Keeping this Blog Going

OK…. I’m back. I think that I can now declare that my wife and I have moved back, at least physically.

Our stuff is mostly out of their boxes. We have even visited the US, and while we were there we didn’t run for our lives to the nearest real estate agent to try to get a rental. In fact, for me, the US has begun to feel like a foreign place again. For my wife, however, it reminded her of home.

This difference in feeling and thinking is what I’m going to focus this blog on in the upcoming months. I had initially thought that this blog would be a short one, and that it would end when the physical move back to Jamaica ended. I’ve decided that the physical move is the perhaps the easiest.

The deeper move is one that is spiritual, emotional and mental. This is all exacerbated by the cultural differences and similarities between Jamaica, the US and even Trinidad (my wife is Trinidadian in background.)

So, on to a whole newest of observations, that you: The Patient Reader, hopefully will find worth reading and re-reading.


At 9/30/2005 8:55 PM, Blogger Mad Bull said...

Lead on, rude bwoy...


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