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Monday, November 28, 2005

Carnival Coming!

I visited Trinidad this past week and felt that familiar pulse of Trinidad Carnival, the highlight of my year as far as holidays or vacations go.

For some reason, I remembered the astonishment I felt at my first Carnival that I could have that much fun in such a short space of time. The astonishment continues each year, as my Carnival experience evolves from one year to the next.

Last year, it was the discovery of the Breakfast Fete in Diamond Vale. In prior years, there was Jenny’s fete on Carnival Saturday, Jouvert morning, the track on Panorama night, Insomnia, crossing the stage 6 times in Poison, being so tried and drunk that I fell asleep at breakfast in mid-fork.

And then there was that dark skinned, well endowed beauty from
Colombia ah, yay yay.

Now that I’m married, and I know that my wife reads this blog (carefully, and prior to publication) I am sure that this year’s Carnival will be just as good, but in some new an unexpected way. For me, Carnival has been a gift that’s not stopped giving.

A gift?

Yes, a contribution to me of community, life, love, connection, high spirits, excellence, fun, sexiness, beauty and creativity.

The old/new song Lorraine captures the feeling quite well for me…

Lorraine 2005 (Bunji Garlin and Explainer)

Taxi…. airport Kennedy…. Let’s Go!

Lorraine don’t cry I’m leaving

I can’t miss this jamming

With all them steel-band playing

And woman background shaking

If the bug bite you baby

Then you can come and join me

In my calypso island,

Jamming on some man woman, yeah…!

Can’t wait for the new songs and dem January fetes. Machel, Bunji, Destra, Iwer – here I come.

(To hear the most complete list of soca songs for 2005, including Lorraine 2005, check


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