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Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Nasty Downside

About a year ago, when I just started blogging, I had an incident occur in which I almost gave up the idea.

I told a former journalist (who is now an acquaintance,) that I had a blog and how much fun I was having writing it. She had never heard of such a thing, and decided to find out what they were about after I mentioned that there might be people out there writing about the articles she used to contribute.

When I got home, I followed out my own advice, and did Google search on her name. Sure enough, many of the articles that she had written could be found at the website of the newspaper. However, I also found a pretty evil site.

Someone had decided to make her their personal target. Not only was there a personal attack on her, but also on the site were pictures of her husband and children. And no, this was not in New York -- it was right here in the Caribbean.

It was quite disturbing.

And, of course, it was all written anonymously -- although it seems that the anonymous blogger lives someplace abroad.

The whole incident gave me pause for thought -- after all, here I am with my name and picture hanging out in cyber-space for all to see. Anyone who wanted to do the same thing to me, could easily do so.

The way I resolved it all for myself was to decide to keep on keeping on, because I am committed to playing a public role in transforming this rock of ours, if that is what it takes. Getting hit by some anonymously slung mud goes with the game, so I might as well steel myself for what is quite likely to come.

Given some of the things I have blogged, maybe I should be surprised that it has not come yet...


At 7/24/2006 5:33 PM, Blogger Mario said...

Well like you said it comes with the territory but also know that you are having a positive influence on people out here. In my case I heard about your blog from a friend and have since started a blog of my own to promote my magazine, the Caribbean Buiness Digest.

Additionally, blogging is becoming very important in today's world. Inevitably, there will be negative comments. But most times when people type a response I would like to think that there is some positive intent to it.

There are companies now that are developing software to comb through blogs looking for key words and phrases aimed at gathering market intelligence. Other companies start blogs to communicate to the public in an effort to have good public relations.

In your friend's case, I hope she can ignore the personal attack and use the other posts to serve a positive purpose; maybe even improving on her journalistic abilities.


At 7/27/2006 1:11 AM, Blogger Omar Basawad said...

No matter, I enjoyed reading your blog! There are always bad people; same in the blogging world.

At 7/27/2006 6:54 AM, Blogger fwade said...



It takes tough skin to deal with it however.

At 7/27/2006 9:17 AM, Blogger Leon said...

Hey, it's a risk all bloggers take. The public ones anyway.


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