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Friday, April 27, 2007

Waiting to Lead Our Country

I had a further thought about Portia Simpson-Miller's leadership that did not come through in my prior post on the topic.

Here it is, some twenty-thirty years that Portia has been a politician.

She ran for the leadership of the PNP back in 1991, and lost to PJ Patterson, who was immediately named Prime Minister to replace Michael Manley.

From 1991 until 2006 she was waiting in the wings, and after a bitter fight, she won the leadership over an MD and 2 PhD's -- having "only" a Bachelor's degree (according to some in her own party.)

So, she has been waiting years for this opportunity to lead. Preparing. Studying. Strategizing. Visioning.

She finally gets the position and, with a level of personal popularity not seen in our politics in thirty years, she is the choice of her party, the people of Jamaica, and even the Opposition, I daresay.

And in the past year she has done... what, now?

This is perplexing. In the 13 months she has been Prime Minister I can't say what she stands for, or intends to do, or is willing to take risks to accomplish.

I might just be repeating myself, but it is all perplexing, given the number of problems that we face.

P.S. France recently elected a new President and it is quite clear from the little I have read what his agenda is, what he is going to do, and the laws he intends to change -- "more work for more pay." We Jamaicans deserve our leadership to be that focused and clear about what they intend to do.


At 5/07/2007 8:06 PM, Anonymous Common sense said...

I am not a gambler, but I would imagine that when the pundits bet at the track they look at a horse's past performance, the jockey and condition of the horse on the day of the race. Before Portia was elected, what was there to suggest her performance would be outstanding? Just before she was elected, the biggest scandal in local government happened under her watch. I am not surprised nor do I expect any performance as evident during the time she handled several ministries during Patterson's administration. Sadly, the politicians (PNP and JLP) in Jamaica are not evaluated by meaningful performance metrics, but by rhetoric and accusations against the other party. If they were running a company, they would have to declare bankruptcy a long time ago. Many have no clue about running a country and are not management material. Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul is the best they can come with? I saw another blog where Dominican Republic had a similar monetary crisis a couple years ago...their growth rate was near 10% last year. Actions speak louder than words.


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