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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Avoiding Jamaica

In the news today, there is a report of 5 armed men on motorcycles riding into the halls of the Kingston Public Hospital, looking to attack an allegedly gay man who was a patient.

On May 29th I read an article posted in the Jamaica Observer , in which columnist Betty-Anne Blaine warns Jamaicans against the upcoming attacks she expects us to face from the homosexual lobby, who are intent on "forcing the homosexual agenda down our throats."

Her article is interesting.

She refers to the recent cancellation of a conference by a Canadian group, in which they cited the anti-homosexual environment that exists in Jamaica, and the laws against buggery (sodomy) as the reasons for the change in venue. They felt that their gay members would be discriminated against.

She takes the popular stance on the issue that we Jamaicans should have the right to do whatever we want to do without interference from abroad. Furthermore, she says, there has never been a reported incident of an attack against tourists related to their sexual preference.

She concludes:" The argument used by the Canadian group that it fears for their members' safety, is not based on facts, and is a deliberate and malicious public relations campaign designed to malign an entire country and to force us into complicity."


I have a couple of gay friends who live in the U.S. that have visited Jamaica, and refuse ever to return.

If I were to forward them the news report and her article cited above, I believe that it would confirm for them that they made the right decision.

I doubt that they are part of the "aggressive, offensive ... homosexual lobby" that is seeking to destroy Jamaica (although, I truly don't know this for sure.)

I suspect that they just want to vacation in a country in which they feel welcome.

It's hard to see why they should want to come here, given the recent news and the majority of the articles written recently, including the ones cited here.

What Betty-Anne Blaine might not realize is that my friends, and the Canadian group, are probably reading what she is writing, and thinking that if she represents a majority view, then Jamaica is indeed a country to be avoided.


At 7/19/2007 1:14 PM, Blogger Billy Dunn said...

Imagine this from a woman who, in the 1980s/1990s, educated Jamaicans about the horrors of Apartheid at a time when many of us were ignorant of the South African government's crimes against humanity.

Then, writing as Betty Ann Bowen in the Gleaner, she was a forceful proponent of sanctions against the South Africa of presidents P W Botha and de Klerk to force the end of Apartheid.

I am being the devil's advocate here but, did it ever occur to Betty Ann Bowen-Blaine that the South African government had a right to do whatever it wanted to do without interference from foreign governments?

Irony of ironies. 20 years later.


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