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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Nice Patois Samples -- translated

We Jamaicans like to think that we all speak English.

However, to someone from the outside, what they hear does not seem decipherable, and therefore could not stand up to the test of standard, universally understood English.

Here are some samples of Jamaican patois, which I think even some Jamaicans living abroad might want get accustomed to. Ceratinly, anyome moving to Jamaica should get to the point where they can at least understand patois when it is spoken.

Click here for the site.


At 10/09/2007 12:21 PM, Blogger iriegal said...

Francis, Patois has evolved like Ebonics has to the black community. I find that the Patois I spoke growing up in the late 60's and 70's is not the same Patois spoken now.

The kids have taken a Western Twist and incorporated it into the language. Then we still have the "is this a language debate," when it comes to patois.

Gangsta Patois has taken over.

At 10/11/2007 6:20 AM, Blogger fwade said...

Hmmm -- this is quite true.

I wonder if the gangsta scene will phase itself out at some point?


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