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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Still Disturbed

For some reason, I found that video I posted yesterday on gangs in Kingston to be quite disturbing.

It made me wonder -- "what the heck am I doing here?" "This is no place to live." "Nowhere I lived in the US was anything like this."

As I explained in prior posts, these are the kinds of thoughts that come up, especially when I want to protect my skinbag (body) from harm, and for good measure I say that I want to protect my wife's own also!

The footage of those men and woman lying on the ground with blood all over is certainly not my reality, but Grant's Pen (subject of the last interview) is a mere 5 minutes away from where I live.

So, the (my) skinbag got scared.

I also mentioned that I have relied heavily on The Work of Byron Katie tp deal with stressful thoughts.  I don't know if Katie meant it for situations like this, but I can say that it works wonders for me.  As it did after seeing this documentary.

While I don't want to scare people from coming to live in Jamaica, I think it better for them to see the reality before they come, when they are far away from the action, than to come here and find that the murders they have been hearing about are happening only a few miles away, if that.

Maybe I would tell someone, "if you can make it through the video documentaries I posted this week and you still want to come, then you are ready to make the move."



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