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Monday, February 06, 2006

Topics I Don't Blog About

Recently I was asked by someone online if there are any topics I don't blog about. One of the hot topics that have not yet touched is homosexuality, and how it plays out here in the Caribbean.

Most of my experience comes from being here in Jamaica, which has the broadest manifestations of hatred, and I think is a leading force in the West Indies in social attitudes.

I can't tell the reason why I have not spoken on the topic, except that perhaps I have had nothing to say. Until now.

Last week I was in HiLo, and overheard a loud conversation between two employees, one whom had apparently walked beside some gay men holding hands. They were quite agitated that that could be happening in "broad daylight."

One of them arrived at the following conclusion as I was unsuccessfully searching for canned string beans: "hear me man.... if my son turn out to be a batty-man, I would mek sure to kill him first before any anyone else (could)."

I believe him.

I further believe that he is not alone, and that the overt hatred that is often openly expressed, acted out by almost all of us, reinforced by the judicious use of scripture and supported by written law are just the precursors for something awful to happen. It's the way awful things happened, and happen in the world -- whether they be in Soweto, Auschwitz, Montgomery, Rwanda, Wounded Knee, My Lei or Kosovo.

More on this to come


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