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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another 2 Series on Moving Back to Jamaica

I found 2 women who are writing about their Move to Jamaica, and I think one is Jamaican.

Their accounts are unfortunately not in the form of blogs, which makes reading them a bit tedious, but they are quite interesting.

The links to them can be found at, and they are posting in two threads, both of which can be found under the Tek Mi Back a Yard/On The Move topic.

One thread is: Update on the "Big Move" and the other is "Finally!!!!.... I Can Begin My Move."

Here is the first entry for the second poster.

(P.S. If you have never visited then you are in for a treat. It is the best all-purpose site on things Jamaican on the internet.)

Finally!!!!.... I Can Begin My Move
#19623286 - 06/30/06 04:45 PM

Well,,, it looks like my dream to move to Jamaica may finally come true. I have managed to leave my job, give up my apartment, and send down my barrels. I am not taking any furniture, or anything bigger than a barrel. I already have a house, and a husband in Clarendon, now all I need to do is move.

When I first went to see the house, it had not been lived in for over 7 years. The bush had taken over, and the animals and insects had begun to move inside. There was even evidence that someone had been living there. But all I saw was the land's potential. Hurricane Ivan did not damage the house, but our neighbors saw fit to remove the zinc from the front room and a few of the windows to repair their own homes. The room where the zinc was removed suffered some water damage, but nothing major.

There are 4 different types of mango on my land, an orange orchard with about 50 trees, cashew trees, star apple, breadfruit, jackfruit, pinapple, grapefruit, ginnep, okra, pumpkin, coconut, and bananas. We also have a stream and a waterfall on our property. There is only one road in, and the back of our land is off a cliff. The orchard end is on the side of a mountain and the other side has no people on it. We have privacy that allows us to bath out in the open and parade around in the nude if we so desire.

I spent five months there in 2005, Jan - May, and I have been doing nothing but trying to get back. I send my husband $200 US a week which is approx $12,800JA which we use to build up our little 3 room wood house and take care of our Jeep. My husband was a plumber in America for 20 years so he is building a bathroom and kitchen onto the house, cause as he says, 'a plumber has to have water." He has dug the pit and laid out the foundation for the new rooms.

We have decided to leave our furniture and have what we need built. We happen to be friends with the same carpenter who built the house 19-20 yrs ago. He has agreed to build the furniture, change the windows, and repair any damage to the house. The furniture will be built from trees on our land. Between my plumber and the carpenter, we will have our house repaired in no time.

We are considering whether or not we want to install the 15 poles it would take to bring the light to our land, but I am sorta against it. Currently, we use an inverter and get power from the Jeep if we need light, but I don't really see a need for the expense. We get up with the sun and go to bed with the night, we don't really need the light. On my next trip, this year we will buy a propane tank stove and a generator. I think we will have all the current we need without those 15 poles.

Look for my other posts to see pictures or my new home.
Pray for me and wish us luck.


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