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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Response to a Bajan

My recent post in response to the blog on Barbados Free Press elicited a response, to which I posted the following response.
Sometimes a post works, and sometimes it doesn't... (this in reference to my original entry)

My friend, I didn't mean to bash Bajans! In fact, I had no issue with your original post.

Elsewhere in my own blog I have written about how we Jamaicans are really in world of our own, and have nothing against Bajans per se.

Unfortunately, we know way too little about the life and goings on not just in Barbados, but in each of the other Caribbean territories. We Jamaicans don't care... but we really should start (especially with CSME coming.) When I encourage Jamaican friends to visit Barbados and Trinidad (the Caribbean islands I have visited the most) I get the blankest of looks (outside of Carnival-related motives.) Talk about Miami or New York... and its a different story.

There are many reasons for this, not the last of which is that we have as many Jamaicans living outside the island, as in.

And trust me, we have plenty problems here on the 'rock... this place is not easy! To me, Barbados represents a civilized version of who we could be, if only... we could stop the fussing and fighting and killing each other. Barbados reminds me of a Jamaica I remember as a child in many ways... before things got so very dangerous.

However, that is not to say that I wish I were born or grew up in Barbados... or Trinidad, or Grenada, or Guyana, etc. We Jamaicans (even with one of the highest murder rates in the world) are proud to the point of arrogance -- and that includes me too!

If I had my druthers, we would have more integration, not less.

So.... I don't know that I disagree with anything in your original post, which was to the point. The added reader's comments about the dregs being dropped off in Jamaica on the other hand... whoa! I never heard this kind of thing until I started visiting Trinidad and Barbados a few years ago. It's enough to make this Jamaican's blood boil.

So, regarding the beer and flying fish -- if you send me an email, I will arrange! I can't bring the Red Stripe with me, but I often grab a bite at the grill opposite the Accra Beach Hotel. Let me know


PS: Of course I caught the reference to my blog in the prior post! I smiled "fuh days" at the reference... and felt even more embarrassed at we Jamaicans. (Although there is more to the story that has now come out in the press.)


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