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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An Interesting Chat on the Runaway Bay Forum

I was sent the following link by a friend who came across it on TripAdvisor, speaking to whether or not it makes sense to move back to Jamaica.

The thread is called "Wishing, Wanting, Dreaming of Moving to Ja.... Why?"

It picked up on the post I did on Reasons Why Moving Back to Jamaica is Easy.

Interestingly, I wrote that post after writing The Top 7 Reasons that Make Jamaica a Tough Country to Move to and got an email from a reader in semi-protest.

But this is to be expected here in Jamaica -- vehement (sometimes violent) opinions in opposite directions. We are in election mode after all, which is the Mother of all differences!



At 8/29/2007 12:51 PM, Blogger Morpheus Rablings said...

That was an interesting diatribe, however, it would seem that most of the posters have failed to get the salient point.
It is, in my humble opinion, called "roots", it is my 'birthplace" and those variables cannot be explained or even justified.
Relocating to any country has its pitfalls and moving to Jamaica, for someone who was born in Jamaica, is no worse than moving to Australia.
However, having been born in Jamaica there is the undeniable strength of knowing that you are returning to your place of birth, regardless of the pitfalls.

I have used this phrase many times, and I repeat it here for emphasis (not Shakespear) " I am Jamaican by birth, Canadian by choice"

I am NOT African American, I am Jamaican.

Your blog has brought some clarity to some of my questions and I do appreciate it.

Those are just my 2cents worth.

Walk Good.


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