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Friday, August 10, 2007

A Mind Blowing Post

I wrote earlier that I was re-thinking several aspects of my blog -- actually expanding my thinking.

I started this blog because I wanted to help others like me who wanted to return to Jamaica, but had not a single source of information to pull from in the world, other than the odd friend or family member here or there.

In the beginning, I started writing for myself, and was happy that no-one found out what I was doing -- it seemed like a private affair.

Now, 2 years later, my blog gets about 1500-2000 readers a month, I have only just realized.

It serves its purpose, and at the moment seems like the only blog of its kind -- and hopefully this will change soon.

I read the following post from Steve Pavlina's personal development blog, and the following paragraph, and realized that I could possibly do what I am loving to do in my blog, and much more:

The following paragraph jumped out at me:

Consider my current business model. I have no products, no inventory, no customers, no sales, no employees, and no office outside my home. I haven’t spent a dime on marketing since I launched this site in October 2004. But I earn about $40K per month, mostly from joint-venture promotions, advertising, affiliate programs, and donations. Two years ago this site was bringing in about $150/month, and one year ago it was earning around $6K/month, so that’s a pretty nice rate of growth. The income does fluctuate from month to month, but the positive cashflow is high enough that the fluctuations don’t matter. I maintain a substantial cash reserve too, so I could survive a very long time even if all my income suddenly shut off. This is much less risky than having a job.

So I am thinking about this who blogging thing that I started as a lark, as something that could be a source of income -- which I would use in part to spend more time doing research, and writing.

I don't think that there are 2 million people interested in reading my writing per month, as Steve has, but I started wondering about the 1500-200o readers that I do currently have.

Ah feel like mi jus' buck mi toe, but in my mind.


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