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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Getting on the Voter's List

An easy way to begin to reclaim one's Jamaican-ness on the way to a full return is to be enumerated, and to be placed on the Voter's List.

The process is fairly simple, and can be achieved during time spent in Jamaica. The important fact to prove is that the place of residence is indeed a current residence, as the Electoral Commission sends a staff member to verify that the abode is legitimate.

In my case, I merely drove the verifier to my place, showed them that I could gain access and obviously lived there, and drove them back to the office.

This action is important because the Voter's ID and Driver's License are the only two pieces of identification that can be used to demonstrate that a Jamaican is actually resident on the island. Some hotels will only accept these two pieces of ID's as proof of Jamaican residency.

There are rumours of a government ID given by some government body that remains to be verified, as I have only read about its existence.



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