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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kinds of Rain and Seasons

In Jamaica we have Man rain, Woman rain, and Pickney rain.

And recently we have been having a _lot_ of it.

The result?  Cool temperatures, yawning potholes, brownish water from the taps, watery fruits and vegetables and a damn good reason to complain about unrelenting and inexplicable water lock-offs.

Yet, it's nice to imagine that this is an early taste of Christmas breeze, which is a welcome sign that this very tough year is coming to a close.

And soon enough, the harsh and loud Man rain will pass away until next near, to be replaced by mostly Pickney rain, with a little Woman rain now and again.  This is a good thing, because with all the Man rain has come destruction and dislocation.

Pickney rain means that parties and social gatherings can go ahead without the fear of being totally wahed out, which is a must for our outdoor Christmas events.  To every season must come a different kindof rain, and we are due for a change.


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