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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Inventing Time Management

Moving Back to Jamaica has spurred an interesting boost in creativity on my part, as I was explaining to a friend of mine on the phone yesterday.

One of the products of moving home is a new time management approach that I invented when I quickly learned that the methods I adopted in the U.S. were woefully insufficient here.

It forced me to go back to basics, and design my own system.

Now, I am teaching others to do the same, and I think I am offering the only assistance in the world in developing one's own system (rather than trying to sell a pre-packaged set of solutions.) Or, at least, I should say that no-one else I have found is offering this kind of help... to my amazement.

The good news is that in April, participants in a couple of my workshops will leave with their own time management systems... fully designed by them. The programme is called "NewHabits-NewGoals."

In Kingston, April 15-16 --

In Port of Spain, April 29-20 --

On either page, there is a link to a free e-book, and also the entire body of source materials.

On Facebook, there is a "Time Management for Caribbean Professionals' group, and I welcome anyone with an interest in improving our productivity in the region.

It's an exciting time!

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