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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Attack on Father HoLung

The mackdiva, a frequent reader of the bog, made a comment on the reaction that this Father HoLung video garnered on a Catholic website.

The fellow who posted the video said "This video depicts a Caribbean-style version of the Our Father favoured by Catholic trendies. It is not a spoof. Honestly.

Hat tip to a fantastic American blog, Christus Vincit, devoted to exposing bad liturgical music. It's run by three Catholic parish musicians who don't mince their words.

Referring to the Our Father, chief blogger Brian Michael Page writes that the composer is apparently a very holy priest. "OK, so why is he writing such garbage as this?" he asks.

Good question. I don't mind if consenting adults sing this stuff privately, gathered around the Tablet Table, but there's no place for it in church."

I was amazed, until I read the comments... and then I was appalled.

When you see the video, read the comments below it.

Click to see the link tothe post, the video and the comments here.

Then come back and tell us what you thought.



At 8/20/2008 4:37 PM, Blogger themackdiva said...

Thank you so much Francis for providing a link to this article.
I have read it many times in pained disbelief.

At 8/21/2008 5:46 AM, Blogger Melody said...

Soh dem don't like de song. OK -- dem a just people (whatever else they might think). But dem can't stop de luv of J'cans all over de world who forever cherish de Father-man. His "Halleluja" shows did always sell off! Ah think "Halleluja '86"(?) was among de best of dem -- lawd, mi overcome wid nostalgic yearnin' fi mi island an' mi people! Anyway, he's exemplary, wouldn't be at all astonished if him is a Wolmerian.

At 8/25/2008 4:47 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

I enjoy watching Father HoLung's program with my mother on television. The video is decent, I didn't find anything wrong with it, it reminds me of the rhythmic hymms we sing in the Anglican Church. When I read the comments on that site after the video finish play I just felt sad, it hurt my heart how some people would talk bad about the song/video as if its a joke...those are the kind of people that need prayers because they can't find anything decent or righteous in their life so they take out their frustrations on what we find joyous.

At 9/02/2008 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't see how anything said on the website could be characterized as an "attack" on Father HoLung. Criticism is not the same as attack; such language is unnecessarily inflammatory.

The tune is innocuous enough although I would prefer something less danc-y. The video was pretty cheesy though.

The various individuals who don't like his reggae version of the Lord's Prayer are entitled to their opinion. They think the rendition violates the "sacredness" of "tradition". Many Jamaicans would agree with them. This is not exactly a country that encourages creativity in the context of religion; that's why Father HoLung is such a personality here, despite those who still think he's a bit loony and not quite catholic enough.

Long Bench

At 9/17/2008 6:58 PM, Blogger jayda said...

As a Catholic, who sings (and quite likes) that version of the Our Father, I am outraged.

Is it any wonder the world is in the state it's in? You don't understand something and how it fits in with the culture of the people. So what do you do? Ridicule it, of course.

Whatever happened to 'If you can't say something nice, keep your trap shut!'

I think I've ranted enough...

At 10/03/2008 12:35 AM, Blogger mr terrible said...

Well I like it. It matters not how you praise "de" Lord, when, where, etc but THAT you praise the Lord AND that you avoid the 7 deadly sins (at the very least) of which envy is one.

Now if envious people think they have the right to tell someone else how to get in touch with the Lord when they themselves are dripping with envy ... well that's just plain old ignorance.

You Jamaicans worship the Lord however you see fit. Our God is unimaginably beautiful in every respect (and there is only ONE God, by definition) and He is pleased when you worship Him.

I was born a catholic and these days I am a Hare Krishna, but there are envious idiots in every camp. All we can do is tolerate the envious and encourage each other.

May the Lord bless you all.
Your servant and well wisher

At 10/03/2008 12:43 AM, Blogger mr terrible said...

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