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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My 'Fascinating Evolution"

I stumbled across this reference to my blog that was a little startling in some ways.

It's entitled "The Fascinating Evolution of a Formerly Homophobic Jamaican"



At 8/05/2008 6:08 PM, Blogger themackdiva said...

It always amazes me how self righteous Americans are about other countries and those countries' conceived flaws and shortcomings. I believe Americans should be looking in their own backyards to fix their own faults before they attempt to scold others. There are many places right here in these United States where gays have actually been killed or severely beaten because of their sexuality. I live in Texas and there are many little towns around here that a gay person better not put a toe in lest they leave without it.
As small as my island is, many Jamaicas could fit into the state of Texas, so the view that some Jamaicans take on homosexuality probably cannot compare in number to the multitude of Americans that have a violent attitude towards homosexuality. And these violent views do not only exist in Texas, but in many other towns in many other States as well.
That being said I grew up in the active theatrical community of Jamaica where much of the Actors and Directors were Gay or Bisexual. I adored many of them and they were wonderful to me. These Jamaican Gays were very discreet but everyone knew they were Gay. Me and many others liked and respected them because they were nice and often amazingly talented. The only thing that I know would have been frowned upon would have been open affection between them, but since Jamaicans frown upon open heterosexual affection, or just too much open rubbing up in general, then of course to the average Jamaican man on the street homosexual affection is shocking. That also being said, I absolutely do not condone any sort of violence to any human being or any existing being for that matter, and certainly not for what two consenting adults do in private. I know that many Jamaicans would agree with me even if some of them happen to believe that homosexuality is wrong. I know plenty Jamaicans that have nothing against Gay people, and since there are not many Jamaicans that exist in the world to begin with, in the grand scheme of things, we are really not much of a threat to the Gay community. After all, there are actually more Gays in the world than there are Jamaicans.
Now, I could start talking about Gays that I have met that are actually racist...but thats another can of worms.

At 8/07/2008 6:51 PM, Blogger Long said...

that previous commenter totally missed the point. I'm sure its eye-opening - and certainly a bit unnerving - to read another person's reading of you, based on the information you put on the blog. It is true; your blog entries chronicle how you have grown and changed in some important ways; you should continue to use the blog to challenge yourself, to face your own thoughts and have them stare right back at you (the mackdiva might consider the same strategy). I think its good for someone else to point out these small things about ourselves, lest we miss them in the rush to wherever.

At 8/08/2008 1:42 PM, Blogger themackdiva said...

Like I said...Americans need to take the board out of their own eyes before they look at the speck of dust in others.

To name Jamaica the most homophobic place on earth is ridiculous. There are so many places in the world that are extremely homophobic, including America. I have stood up to Americans about their homophobic ways on many occasions.
I mean, I don't care if every American sitcom has one gay character on it...all the sitcoms have one Black character and this place is as racist as ever. Things have not changed that much.

Just because some American Journalist decides with the support of the big glossy in your face hype machine that is the American media to name Jamaica "the most homophobic" does not mean that it is true. And I stand firmly on that...I don't believe the hype!

I am really too old to change the world or to change the way how some Jamaicans think about homosexuality. All I can do is be friends with my gay friends like I always have been and treat every gay person that I meet with the respect that they deserve like I always have...same as the Jamaicans that I hang out with do. Perhaps living by example is the best way to change others.

If I have an ugly or violent thought about somebody I do not act on the thought...if I did I would have murdered my ex husband...most people have ugly thoughts at one time or other but it is how they handle the thought that matters. The more sensitive and thoughtful try to improve their outlook with various therapies like writing a blog or stepping out of their comfort zones by reaching out and making friends with what they fear the most.

long...I am Black, Female, and an Immigrant so along with my own self analysis there are many here in these United States who are ready to point out whatever my flaws are real or imagined. So whatever my shortcomings are I face them everyday.
I also happen to be a decent human being that has no harm in my heart towards you telling me to take a closer look at myself tells me that you need to read what others say more carefully, and you need to try to understand better others points of view. There are many causes in this world and I intend to fight for more than one.


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