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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Missing America

For perhaps the first time since coming back to Jamaica, I have a strong feeling of missing being in America.

As the results came in for Obama's victory -- a landslide in electoral terms -- the hope that I can dimly remember associating with the world's foremost democracy started to seep back in, after what seems like an eternity of dark gloom.

The Bush years made me glad to be living back home in Jamaica, away from the ugliness, wars and fear that started for me in 2000 with the Bush election "victory."

Now, it seems, America is back... simply by demonstrating that so much is possible for a Black man, and by extension, for every person in the world who has ever been told that that "they can't."

Whether or not Obama turns out to be a great president or not, at this point in time humanity has won an important victory of possibility over cynicism, resignation and despair. That this is happening in America is not historically surprising.

That it comes after the awful Bush years IS shocking to me, and the repudiation of that awful brand of leadership, politics, partisanship and anti-intellectualism comes as a giant leap away from an abyss.

I miss living in America, where this kind of transformation is what life is all about, and what makes that country the single most coveted physical and emotional destination for anyone seeking a better life.



At 11/06/2008 11:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't miss it. I believe that Obama will, in the end, make things even worse in America. I wish that I believed in him because I would love nothing more than for an honest, intelligent black man to hold that seat. He's not that. He's intelligent but has broken many "promises" already (like getting us out of Iraq). His policies are more about expanding government and it's powers, being chummy with Israel and protecting corporate agendas. He's going to bring America to it's knees. It is the beginning of the bitter end of America. Bush was BAD but Obama will be even worse. He is coming at a time when there's no stopping the trainwreck and he's a puppet just like everyone else who has held that office since Kennedy. I fear what this will do to black/white relations and I think it will be more polarizing than anything when people realize they've been duped. May God help us all. Believe me, be happy where you are. The dollar will lose all value shortly and hell will break loose. I'm Jamaican by birth and looking to move back there again. I hope I get out in time. I have much to say about this but I'll conclude for now.

At 4/30/2009 3:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!! If this proves true, there will be no place to run for cover. I love Jamaica dearly and am returning home (house partially built)but I would never hope for someone worse or close to what Bush has done to America...the world.



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