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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Francis' Company Roundup

I am putting in a new periodic post, after tiring of cross-posting from my company blog, ezines and website.

From the Framework website:

Podcast/audio interview with Roger Bell, GM of Confectionery Foods and Snacks, a Trinidadian working in Jamaica and his success strategies.

Latest issue of FirstCuts ezine, entitled: The Problem of Caribbean Time, on the difficulty we regional professionals have with managing time.

FirstCuts16 as a podcast, read by me, in this my first attempt.

One Page Digest Issues 1-26: The Digest is a summary of links that are useful for Caribbean executives.

Link to Open Jobs: Warning -- most are volunteer positions!

Publications in the Trinidad Newsday newspaper: On the topic of Trinidadian Execs Getting into Trouble in Jamaica

From the Chronicles from a Caribbean Cubicle blog:

HRMATT Conference Slides and Audio Podcast: Presentation on the Trinidadian Executive in Jamaica

TV/Radio Interview prior to HRMATT Conference: On Channel 6, CNMG
The next update should be shorter as I tried to capture everything of note that has happened since October.



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