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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Podcast Interview with a Trini in Jamaica --Roger Bell

Roger Bell is a survivor!  He came to Jamaica from Trinidad to lead a Jamaican company -- on his first visit to the island.

He has a lot to teach executives about how to trive in Jamaica, and in fact something to share with everyone who moves to work in Jamaica.

In this podcast, I interviewed Roger in his offices in Spnish Town and he shares some of what he learned in his personal crash programme.

To listen to the podcase, visit this link.

To receive other information on Trinidadian Executives in Jamaica, send email to


At 11/21/2007 8:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dwade,
Thanks for posting the interview. It was very interesting. I am a Trini living in Canada and recently came across you site. It is excellent.
I was talking to friends about the interview and a Jamaican friend wondered if you of any Jamaicans in T&T in a similar capacity.

A trinidadian friend who worked (several years ago) in Jamaica was reminiscing about his years in Jamaica, which he enjoyed tremendously. He agreed with the person you interviewed. He did have one complaint however, he said the only people he had a hard time with were the people in his social bracked. He said in those days there was an intense class system in Jamaica and he had problems with that. You have to have a certain mentality to enjoy that. My question to you is there still that class thing in Jamaica? take care, vannessa

At 11/22/2007 3:28 PM, Blogger fwade said...

The class system is alive and kicking... although perhaps not as strong as it was.

Trinis have a very hard time with that, coming from the "all a we i sone' culture.

If you really want to get into the topic, check out my business blog -- Chronicles from a Caribbean Cubicle which can be accessed from this blog or at


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