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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Running in Florida

As a runner, there are a few things that I really appreciate for a great run.

Cool crisp dry weather is one.

Dawn or dusk lighting is another.

This morning, while on a stopover in Miami, returning to Jamaica, I ran in the worse of both conditions. The weather was steamy hot, worse than I remember it ever being in the 8 years I spent living in Florida.) Worse than that, was that I started the run at 5:20 and ended it an hour later -- and it was still dark!

I have taken for granted Jamaican mornings, where the sun rises at 5:00am in the June-July months, and there never is the kind of humidity that I felt this morning.

A single female runner ran past me this morning, and I thought to myself -- how brave! I had second thoughts myself about going out to run so early, and I can imagine that for most people, getting up that early to start and end summer exercise in the dark must be a burden.

It must be easier to just stay in bed, if the sun doesn't make its appearance until 6:30am. Then again, the sun also didn't set until 8:30pm -- but I think its safe to say that its easier to exercise in the morning than in the evening.

Does a returnee or expat to Jamaica become fitter upon their move to Jamaica? I have always trained heavily for triathlons since 1997, but I can confirm that I am fitter than I have ever been due to a much increased regimen -- thanks to living in Jamaica.


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