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Friday, October 12, 2007

Excellent Article

This article is raising some eyebrows, and I think it is spot on.

Here is an excerpt:

Ior consider the political consequences of pursuing the judicial challenges. If, for example the PNP were to succeed in unseating Shahine Robinson, Daryl Vaz or Gregory Mair then the people of St. Ann north-eastern, Portland western and St. Catherine north-eastern would have been disenfranchised by a legalistic manoeuvre. How would these 23,533 persons who voted JLP and the entire JLP mass base react? They must take to the streets and vigorously too. There will be counter-mobilisations on the PNP side. Very severe social and political instability could ensue.

It has brilliantly described what I think is happening in the PNP.  The masses have taken control of the party, and put those who are experienced, educated and trained on  the back foot.  Instead, the party leaders are catering to those who give their supporters the best lunches, the nicest t-shirts and the bigger phone credit cards.


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