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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An Angry Comment on this Blog

In response to an article I posted up on Jamaican migration, I received quite an angry response from an Anonymous poster.

Before a flame war breaks out, I want to issue a warning that anyone can post anonymously, and can claim to be any identity they choose, just in order to create a war online. For all I know, the poster is someone who lives next door to me here in Kingston, who just wants to stir up a fuss.

Anyway, here is a sample of what she (?) said:

"I am an American, born and raised. I have visited the Caribbean Islands several times and Jamaica three times. How in the world can anyone from the islands come over here and dislike our country especially black Americans? Frankly, we black Americans cannot stand people from the Caribbean and will let you know it in a heartbeat."

"You black people from the isles, all of them, started this I don't like black Americans thing, way back then. It's all about jealousy. We look better, smell better, dress better, are classier, have more culture, are friendlier with more charm and we take your men, don't try to deny it. Learn from us."

"Black Americans, Americans period don't need you. Open your eyes. Go back to your boring little mountains, smoke your joint, do your nasty booty dances,..."

I almost deleted the post, but it seemed pretty heartfelt, and so authentic that it made me wonder how widespread the sentiment it. I lived in the US for 2o years and never heard anything like this from anyone, let alone someone who I imagine to be educated.

See the original comment at the link below.

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P.S. If this turns into a flame-war I will use my delete button heavily, and remove any and ALL posts that violate my personal, and admittedly arbitrary, code of conduct.



At 3/25/2008 9:02 AM, Blogger Anansi said...

The sentiment could be real as well as they could just be somebody trying to create some drama. Either way that's somebody who has some issues and they have nothing to do with those of us from the "isles".

At 3/25/2008 12:29 PM, Blogger Morpheus Rablings said...

WOW .... this "anon" poster does have some issues and devils in their closets. It is not surprising (based on "anon" postings) that the US is still wrestling with the 80 lb albatross of racism.
If "they" represent someone who wants to create drama, then I agree with the "delete" button approach.
I have lived in Canada for more than 38 years, and I will concur that there are "bigots" in North America, however, I have NEVER heard such "foul" and disgusting diatribe.
I wonder who made her (anon) God, judge and jury.

At 3/26/2008 7:46 AM, Anonymous Jamaica MAX said...

Sounds to me like this sister has had a bad experience in Jamaica and there is at least one bad relationship behind it. I imagine she had/has a man here in Jamaica and was somehow schooled on why this can be a dangerous thing to do to a Jamaican ooman.

She has obvious resentments and distaste for "Caribbean" people which leads me to think she may have had this problem on more than one island. She wants to blame the ooman of the Caribbean but maybe she should stay in America with her wicked man stealing ways and better than you attitude.

At 3/26/2008 9:30 AM, Anonymous jamaican girl said...

I wonder if that that Stella venting on she didn't get her groove back, and is now painting us all with a wide brush.....and if it is..we could have seen straight through that guy!

At 3/26/2008 3:02 PM, Anonymous No Nonsense said...

I have lived in the US for 20 over 20 years now and fortunately have never met anyone like this. Her sentiments appear personal.

Next time hit delete! No need to give voice to this. Squash it immediately

At 3/27/2008 1:49 PM, Blogger anacaona said...

Just because things are heartfelt doesn't mean they deserve a platform. There are millions out there who believe "with all their hearts" that people of African decent are genetically inferior to whites - doesn't mean they have the right to spew hate where and when they please. Same goes for the comment on "Caribbean vs. American" blacks.

That said, it sounds like bait to me. Someone is supremely bored...

At 3/28/2008 8:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personally I think both sides could benefit from "walking a mile" in the others shoes.

These are real issues, and saying the other side should shut up or be censored/gagged/deleted, what have you, isn't solving the problem.

"Quick to judge
Quick to anger
Slow to understand
Ignorance and prejudice
And fear walk hand in hand..."


At 5/29/2010 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That def wasn't a classy thing to say! Hurting people hurt people. I think she is hurting. I love Jamaicans!

At 4/08/2012 1:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like some uneducated redneck. Just ignore people like that.Americans are so arrogant and racist!


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