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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fixing the Roads

I'm not too sure if we are supposed to be doing this, but my cycling club is going to help out the authorities by fixing the roads.

I won't say which roads we are going to fix -- as I'm not sure if we are even supposed to be doing this... but the potholes are killing us as we try to do our thing several times a week, at 4:00 am or so in the morning.

Not to say that we are doing something illegal, but we are in a position to help, so we will.  When the job is done, several cavernous potholes will be repaired temporarily, waiting for permanent repairs that hopefully will come before the hurricane season starts afresh next year.

It's one of those moments when you stop waiting for something to happen, and you make something happen -- in the same way that many people in Jamaica do from time to time.  Right outside my gate, someone did the same and covered a massive and growing hole with cement.

Unfortunately, the rains opened it back up, so it is once again growing.

While the rains have rendered the flora beautiful, they have made a real mess of the roads in Jamaica, especially when we get a lot of "Man Rain" all at once.



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