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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Leaving in a Huff

It is a very tricky thing to discourage someone from migrating from Jamaica.

While the tangible pros and cons are apparent, I think that it is a mistake to leave under certain circumstances, and the kind of attitude that will only cause trouble in a new country.

I think it is a mistake to leave Jamaica because one feels disgusted, saddened or angry at "the state of affairs."

Why so?

From what I can tell of my 20+ years in the US, there is plenty in that country to feel disgusted, saddened and angry about. And I think this is true of any country that one might migrate to.

The problem is that these negative emotions can easily cloud one's judgement, to the point where everything starts to look bleak. There are many people who live in the US who have never lived elsewhere who say they would love to live elsewhere, because they have the same feelings towards their country.

The problem is that someone who migrates with these negative feelings may very well discover that the cause of them is not Jamaica. They might also find that there are many things that people in the US complain about, and a lot that can make them unhappy if they want.

The point is simple -- migrating with these feelings can lead to them showing up again at some point after the move to the new country has gone through its honeymoon stage. Its better to work on those feelings before leaving, than after.



At 11/22/2007 5:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dwade,
Because I haven't visited your site in the last few days, I'm playing catch-up. I left some comments on recent posts and asked a question re the Bell interview.
take care


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