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A blog about my Move Back to Jamaica after 20+ years of living in the US. Most of the articles focus on the period from 2005-2009 when the transition was new, and at it's most challenging.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Long time no blog...

My two blogs seem so lonely nowadays.

The irony is that I have been writing more than ever (I think.)

What has changed is that I am writing more for publication to my ezine and in white papers, and while I can throw out a blog here and there with little or no editing, I find that I cannot do that with my other publications.

So, I have been writing and writing, and editing and editing. Just as much activity as before, but much less to show for it.

I hope the quality shows.

(My ezine is called FirstCuts and can be joined by sending email to or visiting


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