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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Recent Sky-Larking

Jamaicans will remember the old-time song "Sky-Larking."

I think that my parents and wife think that this is all I do all day, and anyone who reads my blog might draw the same conclusion, especially after understanding why I have not added to my blog in two weeks.

I am not lazy... too much.

Instead, I have vowed to "follow the energy" according to some book I read someplace. It might have been "Goal-Free Living" -- a logical rational for sky-larkers like myself.

Well the reason that I have not been active in my own blog is that I went off unto cyberspace and started a couple more. And I also wrote a special report.

One was simple: a website that I created for the cycling club that I belong to: Things just got out of hand, with pictures, videos and the like, mostly related to the "big" Kingston to Negril ride.

The other was a little more complicated -- a blog tracking my progress towards a triathlon I entered in November.

This one just got way out of hand, and involved video taping and editing, which of course I had to learn to do from scratch. But, I am pretty satisfied with my rudimentary results, I must say, and will apply the little I have learned to a more substantial project on my business website.

There there is a special report I recently wrote on a technique that I have been using called Lights!Camera!Action! The final result can be downloaded from my website's front page (

One thing I have learned in the past from my fooling around, is that it offers me a kind of mini-vacation from the more serious stuff, while giving my mind something to focus on that involves some new learning. I really like it when my sky-larking turns into something serious down the pike, when the fact that I can do something unique turns into an opportunity that I never knew existed.

I hope!


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