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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Cricket World Cup's Branded Urinals, and more

At the Cricket World Cup match I went to, I happened to notice (while doing my business) that the urinals had a strange piece of tape on them, where I imagined that the name of the manufacturer would be.

Ever the curious one, I risked life and limb and peeled back the tape at the urinal I used to reveal the words... Armitage Shanks!

Apparently, the well known maker of toilets had not been officially approved as a sponsor of the ICC Cricket World Cup.

At first I thought that we in the Caribbean were just not up to "World Class Standards"... but I could not recall ever seeing this in my 20 years of living in the U.S.

I made note of it, and just read an article that confirmed that this particular piece of madness is an ICC innovation. Click to read the article here.

Also, apparently the ICC has decided that we Caribbean people should be allowed to bring in musical instruments after all, or more to the point, that they never were really banned in the first place.

They just needed to be registered and approved...

(Given that pot-covers are popular noisemakers at our region's cricket grounds, I wonder how that would have gone down...)

The whole idea stems from their belief that allowing musical instruments, and individual music-making will bring the fans into the stands.

See my comments on the article here.

Lastly, an acquaintance of mine, journalist Anil Roberts, met his match at a game in Antigua and was thrown out of the game for... cheering.

See the Trinidad Guardian of March 31st here.

Talk about a cultural gap... it really has been "Fi Dem World Cup."


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